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Brings the orange and coffee aromas to life!

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The Art of Greek Orange and Coffee

The new Alexandrion Flavors collection inspires you with the freshness of Greek oranges and the aroma of freshly roasted coffee.

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Alexandrion Coffee is an ingenious choice to combine the flavorful coffee flavors with the refined taste of Alexandrion Original. Freshly roasted coffee brings a new dimension to the original recipe, which acquires sweet notes of walnut, dark chocolate and vanilla.

ABV: 25%

Energy Value: 61.5kcal/30ml serving

Available Size: 0,7L

Serving suggestion:
On the rocks / Cold shots.

Alexandrion Greek Orange offers a flavorful version of the original Alexandrion recipe. Obtained by adding Greek orange juice, the recipe was created to balance the refined taste of Alexandrion Original with the freshness, juiciness and sweetness of Greek oranges.

ABV: 25%

Energy Value: 61.5kcal/30ml serving

Available Size: 0,7L

Serving suggestion: As a long drink with premium tonic water and a slice of orange/On The Rocks/cold shot


Orange sour

60 ml Alexandrion Greek Orange
30 ml fresh lemon
15 ml sugar syrup
Garnish: dehydrated citrus
Method: shake

Coffee ginger

60 ml Alexandrion Coffee
150 ml beer with ginger without alcohol.
Garnish: Lemon slice,mint leaves 

Taste the sunshine

50 ml Alexandrion Greek Orange
orange wedge
120 ml of ginger and lime tea
10 ml honey syrup

Method: Mix all the ingredients in a metal container, squeeze a slice of orange and heat them carefully in a steamer / kettle. Pour the heated mixture into the cup / serving glass, and finally decorate the drink with a slice of orange.

Taste the exotic

5cl Alexandrion Coffee
2cl Coconut Liquer
1 small dry red chilly
A touch of sweet paprica
3cl Strawberry Syrup
2cl fresh lime juice

Add all ingredients to shaker.shake well and fine strain over fresh ice or big ice chunk in a nice engraved coupe glass.

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